The directors of Blackhills Clinic in Perthshire approached NVDC after seeing previous examples of their work with dental practices. The clinic was in need of a refurbishment, with the reception and patient waiting areas feeling ‘tired’ after a few years of wear and tear.

Blackhills had a desire to create a quality environment for their patients that had a contemporary feel more in keeping with the image of the practice. NVDC were tasked with freshening up the already spacious and light filled reception and waiting areas, enhancing the first impression made to the patients whilst reinforcing the brand image.

A glass partition was installed between the reception desk and the waiting area. This allowed for the feeling of light and space to be retained but meant that the patients could have some privacy when discussing their treatments over the desk.

At certain times of the day, the sun comes streaming through the tall windows and shines on the reception area. We created a green glass feature wall, emblazoned with the Blackhill’s logo, which mirrored this light and sent it dancing around the room.

The waiting area, as well as being used by patients, also hosts dentists’ educational evenings. As the space then stood, little flexibility was allowed in the arrangement of the furniture and was not conducive to this change of use. The old furniture was therefore replaced with modern and practical pieces, creating a comfortable atmosphere. Disparate pieces of equipment were integrated into a single unit; meaning that freestanding objects such as bins and display cabinets were no longer necessary, freeing up the space.

The end result was a high quality, low cost space that created an impression on patients and dentists alike.

Trudie Imrie (Clinic Manager) “It’s just excellent, we are so pleased with it.”

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