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A state-of-the-art independent private hospital specialising in cosmetic and plastic surgery has been completed at Granton on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

The chosen building in Granton had originally been part of a Morrisons supermarket development but had remained empty and unutilised for over 14 years. The building offered huge potential and its development will now contribute to the wider regeneration of the area.

Granton, Edinburgh
Mr Awf & Mr Omar Quaba
Project Type
Private Hospital
Project Status
Completed in 2023

The Waterfront Hospital, owned and managed by consultant plastic surgeons Mr Awf and Mr Omar Quaba, has been designed to be fully Scottish Health Technical Memorandum (SHTM) compliant, with one fully SHTM compliant general anaesthesia operating suite on ground level, a second operating theatre for local anaesthesia on first floor, treatment rooms and other ancillary spaces and a generous waiting area that could be used for educational purposes.

Another key component of the client brief from the outset was that their new hospital environment should reflect their values and ethos for high standards of treatment and care, as well as their passion and love for spaces which promote and enhance both the physical and mental wellbeing.

The design of the Waterfront Hospital therefore brings together a series of truly amazing and uplifting spaces, be it in the public or clinical spaces, with meticulous attention to detailing, craftsmanship and integration of building technology.

Incorporating several complex design elements, including a gently curved bespoke staircase connecting the two main floors of the building following the curve of the external façade, the Waterfront Hospital features a cutting-edge building management system (BMS) with the ability to control and monitor the entire building environment to maintain the highest clinical standards. As well as controlling and maintaining air changes, and the required air pressures, the BMS also controls the entire building’s mechanical and electrical services, such as access, heating, cooling, lighting, medical gases and power.


The entire roof space has also been adapted to house the necessary plant equipment such air handling units, backup generator and a modular rooftop plantroom which would house the plant equipment needed to be housed in a weatherproof environment.

A message from our client:

“We were introduced to NVDC by a colleague who had recently completed a day surgery centre in collaboration with NVDC. The careful attention to detail was evident from the outset, with detailed plans that impressed the contractors.

From the design stage through to completion of building, Farahbod and Anna were very involved and always available to discuss any issues, including small design changes made towards the end of completion. We would not hesitate to recommend their services to others in the healthcare sector and wish them all the best with their continued expansion in this area.”

Mr Awf & Mr Omar Quaba

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