Eilertsen Dental Care

Our clients for this project, Doctors Margaret and Eilert Eilertsen, had come across our recent work for Glasgow Southside Orthodontics and, impressed with the design and high quality of the GSO practice, decided to check out our work for themselves.

With the highest ambitions for their new practice’s environment, the clients knew what direction they wanted to go in – it had to be high quality, long-lasting, and to maximise the natural light of the location.

Dr Eilert & Margaret Eilertsen 
Project Type
Dental Practice
Project Status
Completed in 2010
Contract Value

Our belief has always been that good architectural design can have a positive benefit on individuals, whether it’s their place of work, living space, or social setting. For good design to succeed it cannot function in a vacuum. Instead, we must look at the process as a whole, from what a business goes through to its customers and the particular influences of its location and context – that is fundamentally what intelligent design should seek to accomplish.

After gaining a fuller understanding of Dr Eilertsen’s business, values, and interests, we learned that water plays an important part in their lives, as they were both avid sailors. This insight together with the wooded setting of the existing building has influenced the detailed design of the practice layout and interior, making the practice design bespoke and specific to the client’s aspirations and interests.

Our design for Eilertsen Dental Care, therefore, is not only an extremely efficient layout within the confines of the existing building, but one that builds on the client’s interests, its context, and the virtues of the existing building through imaginative design and use of different materials. When the stacked layers of glass in our bespoke designed reception desk are filled with natural light a dappled effect is created on the floors, reminiscent the of reflections of water in a clear and direct reference to the client’s interest in sailing, while defining a unique statement and brand identity for Eilertsen Dental Care. Hardwood cladding has been deployed in reference to the wooded setting of the practice location and as a design device to clearly define the public route through the practice. Finally, our use of frameless glass partitioning for the surgeries has allowed daylight to flow throughout the whole building (the glass is opaque where required, so privacy is never compromised).

A message from our client:

“The thought process that went into creating the finished product is reflected in the positive feedback we have had from all our patients. The overall design and fit-out achieved by NV Design & Construction exceeded my expectations.

[NVDC] were responsive, creative and delivered on time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

NV handled everything – liaising with dental suppliers, sorting out the sterilisation room, and always finding the right person for every aspect of the development.

I have a stunning practice and the whole process of achieving this couldn’t have been more straightforward.”

Dr Margaret Eilertsen

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