Glasgow City College, Cathedral Street

Our proposals for this site have been informed by our desire for a faithful restoration and sensitive conversion of the existing Charles Oakley building and the creation of a highly contextual solution to building within the site boundaries with a building that is respectful of the existing Listed building while also recognizing the larger & evolving urban landscape in this part of the city when the various approved and on-site proposals around the site are complete.

Cathedral Street, Glasgow
London & Scottish Investments
Project Type
College Building Design
Project Status
Tender Submission

This way we aim to restore The Charles Oakley building to its former glory while creating a respectful neighbour that looks to the feature by creating a new and confident heritage by recognising and addressing the larger emerging setting that is taking shape around this listed building.

Having carried out various studies into potential suitable uses for the existing building we concluded that Student Accommodation would represent the most appropriate use for the existing building. Student Accommodation room sizes allowed us to subdivide the floor plates with room partitions that fit like a glove with the existing window frame mullions.

The existing building is located on the edge of the new proposed City of Glasgow College Cathedral Street Campus Master Plan, a big part of which is the creation of the new College Green which the new college buildings will look onto and define. This space was developed as the new social heart and gateway into the college while providing the city with yet another green space for students and others to gather, meet, enjoy, and interact.

Our proposal for the whole site is therefore to create a student village on the edge of this new College Green. We believe this to be both an appropriate use for the existing building and site and an efficient strategy in terms of creating an active student life around the green and thus reinforcing the existing master plan objectives.

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